We take hygiene and cleanliness standards very seriously, and are implementing additional measures to ensure the safety of all our guests, employees and suppliers. The health and safety measures of our pub terrace are designed to face a wide spectrum of viruses, including COVID-19, and range from hygiene in hand washing and specifications of cleaning products, to procedures for cleaning rooms, areas common and internal or storage areas.

All of our employees are wearing security masks in order to protect you and protect our selfs
We clean and disinfect our toilers every 30 minuts. Social distance will be guaranteed and security will regulate the entrance and exit of it.
Increase in the stations with hydroalcoholic gel dispensers for guests and employees in the main areas of the bar
 All our staff are qualified and trained, they receive specific training regarding the new workplace procedures together with the new measures to be implemented, including hygiene and the use of protective clothing and equipment.
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Tables and groups will respect social distance and we will ensure they are perfectly separated to avoid any risks